First, we obtain the raw construction cost of the project. This is provided to us by another consultant who has been hired to design the project. The cost estimates we receive vary from being at the 0% (planning) to 100% (design is complete) levels. They usually look something like what is pictured to the left (this is from a 30% level project, and anything project specific has been blurred out and several values changed.)

  • We take this total cost estimate and make it as "raw" as possible.
  • we strip out any design costs or management fees, leaving only the cost for a contractor to do the work.
  • We call this stripped down estimate the Base Construction Cost (BCC) or Base Construction Estimate (BCE)
  • These derived costs are generally referred to as "soft costs" versus the construction “hard costs”.

Project Costing
  • Administration (8% BCE)
  • Design (8-12% BCE)
  • Design During Construction (2-4% BCE)
  • Environmental Clearance (4% BCE)
  • Construction Management (13-15% BCE)
  • Construction Change Orders (10% BCE)
  • Construction Cost (BCE) actual estimate cost
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    Girin India Trendz accomplishes savings by allowing teams to complete jobs faster with less waste of materials, time and labor. This is especially important to construction after the end of the recession.

    • Efficient Safe Work Practices.
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